Self Catering Accommodation tariff from Nov 2017



      A self catering en-suite  room for 1 person from £30.00per night

        A self catering en-suite room for 2 persons from £45.00per night    A self catering en-suite studio stlyle room with fully equipped kitchen for 2 persons £50 per night 

and for 1 person £40.00 per night


These rates apply to stays of 4 nights or longer.

For Stays of less than 4 nights add £5.00 to rate per night.

Payment for rooms can be made in advance by either sending a cheque

or by direct bank transfer,


Please contact us before making any payment so that we may provide the account details required.


All transactions must be cleared and credited to our account before the date of arrival.

only cash will be accepted on day of arrival .


We would require a deposit of the cost of the first nights accommodation to reserve rooms

which would be non-refundable should the booking not be met.


Details for making payment will be provided on request.

Please contact us before sending cheques.



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